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LiSE is a game engine in the sense of RPG Maker or Ren'Py. It assumes that there are certain problems any designer of life simulators will have, and provides powerful tools specialized to those problems. Though you will still need to write some Python code for your game, it should only be the code that describes how your game's world works. If you don't want to worry about the data structure that represents the world, LiSE gives you one that will work. If you don't want to write a user interface, you can play the game in the IDE. And then again, if your game is similar enough to one that's been freely released, you can import rules from that one, and not write that code yourself, after all.

It's pronounced "lies". The screenshots are of ELiDE, the graphical development tool; LiSE itself is headless, and can be run as a server, though this isn't very well supported yet.

Install instructions

You can run ELiDE standalone if you've extracted a zip bundle; just double-click runThis.bat. It will show you the game world that's in the same directory. This probably isn't sufficient to build a game with, yet, so run Python from a command line in that same directory and it should be able to import LiSE.

The bundle includes its own Python interpreter that you can use if you wish. Consider adding it to your Path (using the location of Python37-32, not the one given by that answer).

If you'd like to use LiSE in some other Python interpreter, open a command line and install it with Python's "pip" tool, eg.

# Windows only: install Kivy dependencies
python3 -m pip install kivy.deps.sdl2 kivy.deps.glew
# run the following on every platform
python3 -m pip install allegedb LiSE ELiDE

See the README for programming instructions, and installation instructions for Debian-like Linux. You can launch the graphical interface with

python3 -m ELiDE



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